North East India

The incredibly beautiful North East India is a resplendent region showcasing undulating hills, plains enveloped with lush greenery and a huge range of exotic and rare wildlife. Comprising seven sister states, the region has got a lot for travellers of all age groups and likes. The mystic charm of North East India is enough to leave any person spellbound. This region is largely unexplored and its pristine and untouched beauty, combined with lovely ambience, makes it one of the most picturesque destinations in India.

The states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura along with one brother state of Sikkim form the fabulous North East India. The entire region is a paradise on earth catching the fancy of travellers worldwide.

Arunachal Pradesh
With the Indian Government relaxing permit requirements in 2008 and adding five new tourist circuits, Arunachal Pradesh has registered a good influx of tourists in recent years. Overlooking the gorgeous Tawang Valley, the Tawang Monastery here keeps attracting tourists with its exquisite beauty. People visiting the state will encounter myriad experiences while exploring its various tourist attractions and sites like - Bomdila, Parashuram Kund, Buddha Vihar, Ita fort, Malinithan temple, Ziro, Daporijo and Ganga Lake. Worth mentioning is its salubrious climate, which adds to the joy of travelling.

Assam is an ancient city having its mention in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The resource rich land is bedecked with lush greenery. Famous for its world-class tea, astonishing national parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Assam is an outstanding place ruled by natural beauty. Visiting the breathtaking river island Majuli, which is the worlds largest inhabited river island in the Brahmaputra River, is definitely an experience of a lifetime. Other major places to see here are a number of temples, including the famous Kamakhya Devi and Nabagraha temples. The cities of Guwahati and Sivasagar are prominent tourist places in Assam.

Manipur has been bestowed with the title 'Jewel of the East' for its picturesque hills and scenic valleys. The striking state shares its border with Nagaland in the north, Mizoram in the south, Assam's Cachar District in the west and Myanmar in the east. The stunning place features the best of natural attractions like - glittering lakes, mist-laden hills, luxuriant forests and verdant valleys. The people of Manipur have successfully kept its rich cultural heritage and traditions alive, which are revealed through its various art forms and fine handicrafts. Loktak Lake - the largest fresh water lake in the north east region, Keibul Lamjao National Park, Shree Govindajee Temple and Moirang are must visit places in Assam. Major festivals like - Yaoshang, Kut, Gang Ngai, Cheiraoba, Kang Lui Ngai Ni offer a glimpse of the rich culture of Manipur.

There is a world of surprises waiting for travellers in Meghalaya - one of the wettest places on the planet Earth. Popular as the 'Abode of the Clouds' the state is full of natural attractions, which include mountain peaks, caves, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and ancient living root bridges. Khasi, Jantia and Garo are main tribes in the state. Its capital Shillong, being a popular hill station during colonial times, is home to championship golf course and polo ground, Victorian bungalows and churches. Lady Hydari Park, Ward's Lake, Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak are popular tourist attractions in Meghalaya.

Mizoram, which means the 'Land of Mizos', speaks volume about its spectacular landscapes with dense bamboo jungles, majestic mountains, plunging gorges, rivers, and lush paddy fields. The state is a visual treat for nature lovers and a picture perfect place for avid photographers. Rare animal species can be spotted in its various wildlife sanctuaries, with Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Phawngpui National Park, Murlen National Park, Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary being one of the most famous. Champai, Tamdil Lake, Palphui Grave, Sibuta Lung, Tualchang and Tomb of Vanhimailian are also extremely popular among tourists.

Nagaland is a coveted destination which shares a border with neighbouring country Myanmar. Treasuring a rich cultural heritage, the state is home to nearly 16 major tribes and is famous for fascinating tribal festivals Hornbill and Moatsu. Travellers will fall in love with its scenic landscape. The colourful state is a safe abode for a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna. Tourists in large number visit its impressive places like Dimapur, Kohima, Tuensang and Zunheboto. Dzukou Valley, Mount Totsu, Nagaland State Museum, Zoological Park, Khonoma and Satoi Range are other popular attractions in Nagaland.

Tripura is renowned for its ethnic cultural diversity. Here, tourists can explore European-Mughal style Ujjayanta Palace, the lake place of Neermahal, Jampui Hill, Tripura Sundari Temple and Tripura Government Museum. The huge rock cut carvings and stone images at Unakoti, Debtamura and Pilak are awe-inspiring. Tripura also houses a number of Buddhist temples. The bamboo products of the state are very famous.

The marvellous beauty of Sikkim is difficult to be described in mere words. Engulfed by the spectacular mountainous beauty, this Himalayan state offers panoramic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Sikkim is a delightful destination with Buddhism, the dominant religion of the state. The place is replete with ancient monasteries. Rumtek, Labrang and Pemayangtse are popular monasteries of Sikkim. River rafting can be tried at Teesta and Rangeet rivers if tourists are looking for some ultimate thrill and excitement.

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