Offbeat Tours
Relishing the Off Beaten Paths

Break the stereotypes and partake in the offbeat tours to India to explore this country from a whole new perspective. Meet the tribal living away from the glitz and glamour of the world. Drive through some hidden treasure troves that one needs to see to believe.

Aayan Journeys offers various offbeat tours in India that let you enjoy the exclusivity of a lesser-known destination. These offbeat destinations catch the fancy of a traveller who is keen to travel the untraveled. A majestic lake surrounded with hundreds of skeletons, a magnetic hill breaking the laws of gravity, hidden mountain getaways, ancient monasteries perched atop steep hills, a haunted city where entry after sunset is strictly forbidden, a leisure stroll through a village honoured for being the cleanest in Asia. The list is long and will entice intrepid travellers.

Your extraordinary travel experience begins with Aayan Journeys. Venture out and discover these best-kept secrets of the country..

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