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TEAM AAYAN encompasses individuals, exuding a highly professional and positive deameanor. These united energies with eclectic approach are steering travel operations with great precision thus exceeding the expectations of their valuable clients who set out beneath the sun in quest of exploring all that is exquisitely beautiful about the wonder that is INDIA.


Sanjeev (CEO)

"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow"
Travelling is the taste of the inquisitive and that's how I describe myself as a person. I was born and brought up in the hustling capital, Delhi, with a passion to travel the world, meet and greet new people, and know different cultures across the world. At the mere age of 22, I started my career as a trainee where I refined my interpersonal skills and sharpened my wits. Since then, there has been no turning back. The story of Aayan journey seeded with my fervor for travelling and the zeal to share the joy of travelling with everyone. With a commerce degree in hand and relative experience in the industry, the inception of this travel firm took birth with the objective to create world-class travel service delivery model in (year of foundation). As the CEO of this travel and experience delivering company, I strike to put my learned skills in operations and sales solely to bestow my clients with travel encounters that they can cherish lifelong. I owe the success of Aayan Journeys to my experience earned in the last three decades in the tourism industry and the undying compassion of my ardent team. The revisiting clients of Aayan Journeys are a testament to the globally competitive travel services it treasures. The "WE" at Aayan Journeys are up to promote sustainable business practices that are assistive and parallel to our mission of catering travellers with the superlative requisites and packages. We guarantee to bring a grin on the face of each travel enthusiast entering Aayan journeys for years to come, such is our hope and motto!

Jassi (Executive Director)

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"
This quote by Aristotle very aptly applies to Jassi whose fervent love for exploring new places piqued in him the desire to connect himself with the world in the deepest way and drove him to join the travel and tourism industry and empowered him to run the trade operations with impeccable acumen. Having more than two decades of experience in this robust and wide industry, Jassi with his expeditious attitude approaches every task with pertinacious spirit. Always striving to be better than his former self, he is one of those valuable members who have nurtured Aayan with painstaking sincerity and therefore is a real asset to the company. His gentle nature, suave temperament and dignified demeanour endear him to his clients and teammates. Paulo Coelho's statement, 'When you say yes to others, make sure you aren't saying no to yourself' truly captures Jassi's belief. Deeply rooted in values of integrity and authenticity, he is committed to give his best to everyone who associates with him in his journey of life."

Lalit (GM)

A Tourism post-graduate from IITTM Delhi, Lalit can be characterized as an adventurous, intense and passionate guy devoted to the world of travel. Hailing from Delhi, Lalit brought his decade long experience in the travel industry to Aayan. His insatiable hunger for travel made him eager to walk through unbeaten paths, share a smile with locals, peep into local cultures and unveil the hidden gems of the world. His adventurous instinct made him try various thrilling activities like mountaineering, Kayaking and mountain biking. Lalit believes in crafting dream holidays for clients to let them form a deeper connect with India. His seamless product knowledge and an eye for details are great assets for Aayan family. For him "the most rewarding part of working in the travel industry is helping others fulfil their travel dreams."

Prince (Senior Manager)

An alumnus of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Prince grew up amidst the best of India. Travel fascinated him to the core as a child, and his passion to explore the world grew with time. For him, travel is his first love that embraced him 9 years ago. Prince enjoys great reputation and immense goodwill in the travel fraternity. His itchy feet take him places where he explores rawness of nature and pleasures of simple living. He is a keen photographer too seeking real stories and capturing places in a way that makes you feel like you are there, standing right next to him. Prince understands the joy of travelling and thus, leaves no stone unturned to offer unparalleled travel experiences to clients.

Priyanka (Senior Manager)

“On a mission to create value in the life of every traveler”
Young and a Go Getter! Priyanka’s love for travelling is what inspired her to choose tourism as a career. After completing her MBA in Tourism from APS University Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, she stepped into the travel domain and it has been more than 8 years now. She works tirelessly in crafting tours to assure the best experience of Incredible India; and considers it her raison d'être. An avid traveler herself, Priyanka is born and raised in the city of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, which is a treasure trove of Indian heritage. Historical monuments happen to be her special interest along with trekking, mountaineering, paragliding and parasailing. This has significantly impacted her area of interest and thus an innate traveler was born. She lives with the dream to travel the whole world and explore contemporary architecture, diverse cultures and religious beliefs. This is the reason she curates every trip for her tourists with the mind of an enthusiastic traveler and takes absolute care in making it a memory of a lifetime.

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